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Bloodshot – Wannabe Terminator Going Ballistic

Oh boy, where do I begin? I don’t know whether to be pissed off that I had an hour and 45 minutes of my time wasted, or laughing due to the sheer obliviousness of the plot and direction. I’ll put it this way, if there’s one word I could use to describe this movie, it’d be this: Generic.


Bloodshot (2020) is directed by David Wilson and stars Vin Diesel, Sam Heughan, Eiza Gonzalez, and Toby Kebell.

The film involves a man named Ray Garrison, a marine, who is revived by a collection of scientists after him and his wife are murdered.

Through his revival, they transform his body into a superhuman upgraded with nano tech, essentially turning into a deadly weapon known as Bloodshot.

Initially, he can’t remember much of his former life, but as his past experiences begin coming back to him he remembers the person that killed him and his wife, eventually leaving the facility he’s cooped up in to seek out vengeance.

Photo: Sony Pictures

Diesel’s Performance

I’m a fan of Vin Diesel’s work, especially in the Fast and Furious movies, but dear god, he was absolutely atrocious in this one.

Most of what I saw in his performance throughout the plot was bland and dull.

No emotional depth whatsoever to the lines he was given, just cookie-cutter reciting with short phrases to try to make him look cool and all-knowing.

Every 5 minutes or so he would give a ponderous look to another character, then say something cheesy or corny, and then move on to the next thing.

At a certain point, after my restlessness faded away from the boredom, I actually found myself being amused and entertained from what he was saying.

Whereas before I was annoyed and wanted the movie to hurry up, I instead started to make a game in my head out of what the next banal phrase was going to be muttered from him. It got kind of fun.

Disastrous Storyline

The plot was completely all over the place. Some scenes were absolutely out of context and then the story transitioned to something else that was equally out of context.

There seemed to be no definitive structure to the plot and exposition as a whole. Just find bad guys, kill them, rinse and repeat.

Oh and don’t forget to make it look cool for special effects sake. The screenplay was also unbearably simple and too straightforward.

The whole story was given without subtext and intrigue to add to the mix. Everything, and I mean everything, was explained to the viewer, leaving no room to explore for character depth and development.

I legit felt like my intelligence was being insulted at different moments by the writing that assumes I know nothing about how to understand and analyze a proper story, and so I should just have it explained to me effortlessly, with no complications.

Yea, seriously, it actually felt like that.

Photo by Sony Pictures

Cheap CGI

The only redeeming quality I guess of this shabby action flick would be the CGI. I liked some aspects of the visual effects, I’ll admit.

For example, the imagery of the nanites and how they repair and heal the body when damaged, as well as the slow-motion effects when the main character, Garrison, is fighting the bad guys appeared mildly passable.

However, prolonged use of that, and believe me it was used many times, only make the movie look like a cheap rip-off of 300.

There was no underground substance utilized to bring more of an in-depth approach to the characters.

Just over-the-top, generic, run-of-the-mill fight scenes as if they teleported back from 2005.

Vin Diesel’s character honestly looked like he was throwing himself around like a football frequently when he used his legs to jump up and double-kick his enemies.

Final Thoughts

Bloodshot is terribly produced and directed.

I wouldn’t dream in a million years of watching this film again, nor would I recommend it to a good friend.

It’ll only leave you feeling with a sense of betrayal as what you originally thought would be a cool, fascinating movie concept miserably turns out to be a deceptive attention grab with various plot deficiencies and poor character insight.

FP Score – Faulty

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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