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The Call Of The Wild – Mush!

Surprisingly, my negative expectations of this movie due to its over reliance on a CGI animal were actually subverted the second I was introduced to Buck. Now I feel like acquiring a personal dog of my own to go sledding in the Yukon.


The Call Of The Wild (2020) is directed by Chris Sanders and stars Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, and Cara Gee as the supporting cast, as well as Dan Stevens and Karen Gillan.

The film is also based on the novel of the same name by Jack London.

Buck, a large, adventurous St. Bernard dog, lives a happily contented life with his first owner when he suddenly finds himself abducted and transported to the cold, expansive land of the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890’s.

While there, he’s sold to a man who operates a mail-delivery dog sled team.

Joining the team as a new member, he must figure out how to get accustomed to his current predicament and befriend both dogs and men, as well as learn what his true purpose is when it comes to living in the wild with no previous experience.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

Story Details

Just as I stated before at the beginning of this post, the CGI in this movie didn’t fail to impress me.

I initially thought it was going to be the worst aspect since it was going to be used heavily with the animals.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not only was I fascinated with how well the visual artists created Buck, I also became very invested in the story and how it progressed.

Everything about Buck was so cool to me. From the way he liked to show his enthusiasm, to his kind altruistic nature in caring for his fellow friend, there wasn’t a single moment where I lost interest.

Although he was a bit reckless and frantic in the beginning, the writers and producers do an excellent job of turning him into a strong, confident leader that protects his own kind.

For the most part, the dramatic development Buck went through was a heartfelt and sweet journey to go on.

Beautiful Imagery & CGI

Addressing the cinematography of the surrounding environment, the Alaskan Yukon looked stunningly beautiful.

Whenever one of the characters, Perrault (played by Omar Sy), took his sled team traveling I couldn’t help but appreciate just how gorgeous the wild lands looked.

Seeing the computer-generated Aurora Borealis looked extremely realistic and alluring.

You guys seriously have to go see it for yourselves to know what I’m talking about.

When it comes to these visuals, words simply just can’t explain the marvelous and breathtaking view depicting the open landscape.

The score and soundtrack that went along with the imagery worked magically.

At times I felt tranquil and calm whenever the tone shifted to being more introspective for the characters involved.

It was also nice to hear Harrison Ford narrate the plot.

Frankly, I don’t really take him for that type of role, but hearing him in this film shed a new light to my understanding of his performance ability.

Photo: TSG Entertainment

Ford’s & Other’s Performances

Why is it that whatever movie Ford is in it turns out to be exceptional?

Star Wars, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, he absolutely knocks it out of the ballpark every time.

He once again did in this portrayal.

He wasn’t really in the beginning part of the movie, his main introduction begins somewhere around the middle act, and throughout the end it becomes clear that he’s probably the best part alongside Buck.

The dynamic between Thornton and his newfound companion was sweet and satisfying.

Their cooperation through good and hard times established their connection in a really believable way.

Omar Sy along with Cara Gee were also splendid in their scenes.

I got kind of tired of hearing the word “Mush!” be yelled out over and over again though.

It was cool at first. Then it just got repetitive in a boring constant way.

As to Dan Steven’s character, Hal, I laughed several times as I just couldn’t take his performance too damn seriously.

There were lots of moments that made him look comical and just flat-out ridiculous.

I got the impression of him being cast as the typical cliched villain who wants nothing but world domination.

Further, I half-expected him to randomly put on a fake mustache and ramble about his scheming plans.

At least that would’ve demonstrated to me honestly that he’s not to be taken with any importance at all.

Photo: 20th Century Studios/TSG Entertainment

Final Thoughts

The Call Of The Wild turned out to be a fun and enjoyable watch for me in the end.

To be honest, I thought this one was gonna flop with the CGI being all over the place in an overbearing way.

Thankfully though those fears were quenched.

This Adventure Drama won’t disappoint you if you wanna have a good time watching it with friends and family.

In fact it’s better that way instead of watching it alone.

I can remember a nostalgic moment in my life when I had a Jack-Russell Terrier in my early youth years.

It went by the wayside over the years as I grew up and got used to the rigors of adult life.

This beautiful illustration brought that memory back to me in the most revitalizing manner.

For that, I am truly grateful and can’t thank it well enough.

FP Score – Praiseworthy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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