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Ready Player One – World-Changing And Adventurous

The Oasis is an enchantingly alluring world I would play in all day. With the ability to be whatever and whoever you want, and travel to any place, I imagine many people would come up with a plethora of clever and unique differences.


Ready Player One (2018) is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Lena Waithe, along with other great cast members.

Set in the year 2045, Earth is on the verge of pandemonium and strife, but there is a wide location that human beings find salvation and take comfort in: The OASIS.

The Oasis is a virtually established world created by an unconventional man named James Halliday.

In this gigantic expanse, Halliday leaves hidden clues that lead to the acquiring of an immense gift to the first person that discovers a golden digital Easter egg.

Young and curious Wade Watts joins the contest, along with innumerable others, and soon finds himself in an exciting intense treasure hunt through an enigmatic, wondrous world full of both opportunity and envious danger.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Exciting Story & Masterful Direction

The instant I was introduced to the world of the Oasis I became enamored with its intricacies and details.

An open, wide expansive virtual world where every person can do whatever they want?

Count me in.

The writers do an incredibly fantastic job with setting up the background of what the Oasis is and providing excellent exposition of the different players that are involved in it.

I became fascinated with every single thing described in this mysterious place.

The character designs, the cars, coins and loot, bombs, guns, even a rubik’s cube that can reverse time by 60 seconds.

I was absolutely enveloped in this world of inventiveness and wonderment.

Spielberg’s direction of this movie is awe-inspiring, as usual. One certain car racing sequence in the beginning defined his masterful use of technical prowess.

Almost no music was used in that scene and everything was enhanced by the sheer sound effects of the automobiles crashing into each other and dashing forth with intense heart-stopping anxiety.

That’s classic Spielberg directing for you right there.

As stated before, the story of this film is superbly engaging.

Having to deal with the harsh reality they actually live in, the characters would choose to rather spend their time online with anonymous people.

The life of Wade Watts showcases the contrast of the real and virtual world so clearly by depicting the depressing household he occupies with a strict and overbearing aunt along with her abusive boyfriend that constantly berates and scolds him.

When plugging into the other side however, his outlook literally changes into being acquainted with friends, albeit not knowing their actual names, that he can relate to and get to know on a more profound basis.

He befriends other players, known by their pseudo names, such as Artemis, Aech, Sho, and Daito.

What’s made even more impressive, and this is Spielberg’s intellectual craft at work, is that they all manage to meet together at the end of the movie to fight and fend off the power-seeking company known as IOI (Innovative Online Industries) and its CEO, Nolan Sorrento.

They boldly achieve the unthinkable feat of finding each other and cooperating to ensure the ownership of the Oasis doesn’t rest in IOI’s hands.

Great story writing like that is why I specifically love watching adventure flicks.

There’s also lots of pop culture references, but I’m sure you already knew that.

I could only count a certain number off a couple fingers from my hand, so I’m pretty positive a lot of them flew over my head and I unknowingly missed them.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Breathtaking Cinematography

In regards to the CGI and imagery, the visual artists did an exceptional job with establishing state of the art action sequences.

They constructively created stunning displays of awesomeness and intrigue to entice the viewer.

The ending particularly was filled with wide-shot craziness where so many things were occurring I felt like I was put into a trance.

It also reminded me of the ending of Avengers:Endgame.

Both utilize smart and clever tactics of catching the viewer’s attention through staggeringly epic fight montages.

Great Performances

Tye Sheridan killed it portraying the main character, Wade/Parzival.

His performance was great not only in the virtual world as a fake avatar, but also in the real one where he tries to get by day-to-day around the toxic behavior of people that demoralize him.

Olivia Cooke was amazing playing Samantha/Art3mis as well as Lena Waithe.

Personally though, my two favorite characters were Sho and Daito, played by Philip Zao and Win Morisaki, respectively.

These two were complete badasses on the field of planet Doom and engaged in action scenes that looked shockingly electric and thrilling.

Final Thoughts

Ready Player One is an invigoratingly jolting illustration.

I was enthralled by everything about it and would watch it again for an encore just to take in the dazzling features of the CGI alone.

It’s a beautiful spectacle of exciting adventure where practically anyone can live out their fantasy of their wildest dreams.

There’s one scene that mentioned climbing Mount Everest with Batman.

I don’t know about you, but I know exactly the first thing I’d do if this VR Wonderland existed for real.

FP Score – Praiseworthy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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