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Hello There! Thank you for visiting my site. It means a lot to me knowing that you chose to spend a portion of your time here. The TL;DR version is that FilmPraise is a blog website for movies. If you’re a movie fanatic and have a passion for watching high-quality and memorable films, then this blog will definitely be for you.

I started FilmPraise to scratch the proverbial itch I constantly had for wanting to express my opinions about how a movie impacted me. Ever since I was a kid, I remember staying up late nights watching Disney Pixar movies like Toy Story and Cars.

As I grew up and got into my teens, the excited feeling I had for viewing meaningful illustrations still didn’t go away. Films like Spider-Man (both 1 and 2) and The Matrix (all three installments) proved to me why I continue to have such a heartfelt desire for consuming great pieces of art.

Once I saw masterpieces like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Interstellar, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had to create a blog like this and simply voice my gratitude for them being created.

Now of course I’m not just going to talk about the good movies that are out there. FilmPraise will also include reviews for movies that are absolutely atrocious. My goal is to try to absolutely roast the hell out of them for even existing. One only need to watch a screenplay like The Room to understand what I’m talking about.

Long story short, this blog will mainly be for the purposes of providing entertaining and worthwhile material for those that similarly hold strong convictions and enthusiasm in movies.

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